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How to clean the keyboard of a Personal Computer

Last Updated on May 2, 2020 by kavin

We spend a lot of time cleaning our kitchens, toilets, and rooms on a daily basis. But computers and keyboards which we use for many hours on a daily basis are ignored to be cleaned. If you have not cleaned your keyboard recently, then, I would suggest to look into your keyboard. I presume that chances are there, that the keyboard is dusty in between the keys, and there is contamination that demands to clean the keyboard of a personal computer.

Keyboards become dirty after expanded usage regardless of whether we don’t routinely eat or smoke close to them. After some time, dust and other grime influence our keyboard look.

In some cases, we use air blowers to clean the keyboard of a personal computer or laptop, which is sufficient for loose dust.

However, our keyboards need a thorough cleaning after some time. According to a study, dirty and unclean keyboards host more germs than a toilet seat.

Is it important to clean the keyboard of a Personal computer or Laptop? yes, because A  study, carried out by National Center for Health, found that the office supply item specifically which is mostly in contacts like keyboards and others that contained the most bacteria. 

During the study, one keyboard was so contaminated that it had to be removed and quarantined. This study was conducted by the researchers of the University of Arizona.

It was found that the computers of women were dirtier than men. Further, the keyboards used by many people were more contaminated by bacteria than the keyboards which were used by single persons.

Another study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital found that two deadly drug-resistant bacteria on keyboards which could survive for up to 24 hours and one hour respectively.

The novel coronavirus is spreading across the globe rapidly. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised all the people to disinfect the frequent touching surfaces including computer and laptop keyboards.

Computers or laptops which are used by one person are not that much risky as those which are used by multiple people.

How our keyboards become dirty                                                   

Personally not taking much care of the computer keyboard, like not washing hands after washroom visits is a contributing factor.

 Further, computers used by multiple persons are more prone to bacteria specifically if one person is suffering from any disease for example flue. Further, eating and drinking while working on PC is also the cause of dirt and sickness of the keyboard.

To avoid any health issues and further complications it is strongly suggested to clean our daily usage office items. In this article, we are focusing on how to clean the keyboard of a personal computer by just following the steps which are narrated as under.

It is worthwhile to mention that before starting the cleaning process of the keyboard, make sure to switch off the power of the computer and detach the keyboard from it.

dirty keyboard which needs cleaning

How to clean the keyboard of a Personal Computer

1-    Turn the keyboard upside down

Do you know how to clean the keyboard of a personal computer for loos dust.? The first method is to turn the keyboard upside down on a surface that you don’t mind to be dirty for some time. Shake the keyboard thoroughly so that all the loose dirt, dust and debris are fallen on the surface.

 Further, move the keyboard to all possible angles so that any dust particles are fallen down accordingly.

2-    Cleaning with Air Blower

The second suggested method is to use an air blower by holding the keyboard in the same direction as suggested in the first method.

  Switch on the air blower and pass the air from one side of the keyboard to the other side so that all dust and dirt is fallen down with the air. A can of compressed air can be used to clean the keyboard accordingly.

compressed air for cleaning keyboard of personal computer

3-    Remove keycaps from the keyboard and clean it

If your keyboard is mechanical, then for a more thorough cleaning you can remove the keycaps from the keyboard.

Although for removing the caps, you need a keyboard puller or butter knife, however, if that puller is not available, then you can use a simple plastic ruler foot for removing the cap.

Just put the corner of the ruler gently alongside the cap and twist it upside so that the cap is pulled up.

After removing the keys you can wash the keycaps using any good detergent or soapy water. After washing the keys wipe the keyboard with a paper towel.

 Furthermore, the assembly below the keys can be cleaned using a brush and some isopropyl alcohol.

 Please note that before starting to clean the keyboard take a picture of the keyboard so that keys can be placed back easily without any misplacement.

 It is worthwhile to mention that this is the best method of complete cleaning, however, this applies only to mechanical keyboards.

4-    Cleaning the keyboard  on brush and alcohol

In this method, a brush with soapy water can be used for cleaning the keyboard caps.

However, it is better if isopropyl alcohol is used instead of soapy water.

Brush wet by isopropyl alcohol is required to be thoroughly applied on the keys and corners of keycaps.

cleaning keyboard of a personal computer by brush

 After some time the dirt and dust will become very loose and can be easily removed by a cotton swab or paper towel. Use multiple swabs depending on the amount of dirt.

5-    Using keyboard dust cleaning gel

Cleaning Gel or polish can be taken from any computer accessories store or from any online store like Amazon.

One product which I recommend for keyboard and computer cleaning is Bonzer type keyboard gel. It is very much easy to use.

 You just have to lay the cleaning glue on any surface where you want to clean.

Then press it down for a no of times and then pull it up. All dust, dirt, hairs will be picked by it.

Please note that do not stay it on the keyboard or computer for more than one minute.

super clean gel

 It is good for computer keyboard, laptop keyboard, phone keypad, TV remote, video game console, speaker grill, etc.

It can be used again and again for proper cleaning.  You can use it until the gel turns into nontransparent and dirty.

 It is very effective at removing dust and dirt that live on everyday surfaces, specifically of the computer keyboard.

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